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What is AP?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses  offer a challenging academic experience for high school student, allowing them to delve deeper into subjects and potentially earn college credit. These courses are designed to be more rigorous than other high school classes, providing an opportunity for students to showcase their academic skills and readiness for college-level work. The AP program covers a wide range of subjects, empowering students to explore their interests in greater detail and preparing them for the demands of higher education. 

Why take AP classes?

Engaging in Advanced Placement courses comes with many benefits. Firstly, it challenges students intellectually, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills. Secondly, successfully completing AP courses can earn students college credits, giving them a head start in their higher education journey. Thirdly, the rigorous nature of these courses enhances time management and study skills, crucial for the transition to college life. Lastly, colleges often view AP experiences favorably during the admissions process, recognizing the dedication and capability of students who have taken on this academic challenge. 

AP Testing Information

How much does the test cost? 
Cost per test: $98
Cost per test for free and reduced: $10 
Late or cancellation fee: $40 

Where can I order the test?
In the office- all free and reduced tests must be purchased in the office

When is the deadline to order tests?
November 1, 2023

Testing Schedule


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College Board Contact Information

If you call the hotline please keep track of date, time, and Agent ID.